Maine Democratic Party tries to play victim after laughing at suicide joke

Article here. Excerpt:

'Maine First Media dropped a bombshell recording recently from a Values and Vision Summit held by the Maine Democratic Party. In the recording, Richard Fochtmann can be heard celebrating the rise in white men committing suicide and the attendees laughing at the joke.

In the time since, the national media has picked up the story from the Washington Times to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. Conservative activists and suicide prevention advocates have both taken issue with the comments, which paint a disturbing picture of the Maine Democratic Party.
While the Maine Democratic Party states the joke do not represent the Party, they painted the speaker as someone who is not affiliated with Democrats formally. The problem is this isn’t entirely true.

Richard Fochtmann ran for State Senate last year against Republican Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason. Maine Democrats chose him to be their candidate to try and unseat a prominent Republican State Senator. That’s a heavy endorsement of Fochtmann’s character.'

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