Tempting as it may be, avoid the loaded term ‘mansplainer’

Article here. Excerpt:

'DEAR CAROLYN: My husband has a tendency to “mansplain.” Recently, when I asked him if he had heard of any U.S. military action planned against North Korea, he began his response by telling me the name of the leader of North Korea, the fact that the North Koreans have been doing nuclear-weapons testing, who Rex Tillerson is, etc., all of which I knew already and wasn’t really the answer to my question, was it?

When I call him on it by commenting that he is mansplaining, he becomes angry and says he only knows one way to talk. Am I wrong to call him on this?
DEAR T.: Depends on how you define “call him on this.”

If it means saying to him, “When you give me all that background information, I feel like I’m back in kindergarten” — and asking that he please assume you have knowledge of geopolitical basics — then it is not wrong.

If instead it means using the lingo du jour to call him a patronizing sexist blowhard, then, yes, that is wrong.

Not that the facts of the accusation are wrong, necessarily; he may be all of those things. Or not. I don’t know.

But you’re supposed to be life partners: Slapping a label on him is not the most constructive way to improve that bond, or to make your point.'

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