Male Student Ostracized, Publicly Shamed After Questioning the Existence of Rape Culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'Earlier this week, Patrick Borum, a 20-year-old student at Grand Valley State University, questioned one of higher education’s most dearly held dogmas: the existence of a “rape culture,” where society “normalizes and trivializes” sexual violence.

“Rape culture isn’t real,” Borum posted on his personal Facebook account Tuesday. Cue the outrage.

Since then, other students have accused Borum of being a supporter of rape and even a possible rapist; his peers have slammed him with messages on social media calling him “a piece of shit,” “a piece of dirt,” and worse; he’s been a central subject in a campus town hall meeting on sexual assault; and his fraternity and the student senate have publicly denounced his comments as ignorant and offensive, prompting his resignation from both.

“My comments went absolutely viral on campus, and everyone was pissed off about it,” Borum told Heat Street. “I’m being ostracized in my own community. … I 100 percent feel like I’m being bullied.”

The controversy began earlier this week, when members of campus fraternities were told to take a mandatory survey, administered by a third party, about Greek Life and sexual assault, Borum said. He and other students noticed with dismay that almost all of the questions seemed to imply that alcoholism, misogyny, harassment and assault were commonplace in fraternities.

“The questions were all leading,” Borum said. “There was no correct answers you could post, so it seemed like you were a danger to women.”'

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This is really a sad situation. I wish more college men would speak out or at least be supportive, but I understand why they aren't. Besides most have probably been indoctrinated with this crap for a long time.

This was a mandatory survey, and the male student says all the questions and answers were biased. One sample is given, but the full survey was not released. Leaving an answer blank was not an option.

I'm really questioning all these surveys that support the widely believed campus sexual assault rates. We need to know more about the surveys and how they are conducted. Does the woman's studies department put them out? they get their friends to participate?

I have a second cousin on Facebook. She attends a well known university. I recently found out she is majoring in "woman' studies" or gender studies or whatever. For an assignment or project she has posted on HER facebook page that she is looking fro participants on a survey about first year college students. She says there will be a drawing for a $20 giftcard for Target for those who participate.

The problem I have with this, is that her and her FB friends all think alike, she is not getting a diverse group. I hope she doesn't consider this an accurate way to measure the general population, not even the general population of college students. Most of her friends are also in the gender studies program. I think they need a little education in science to understand how to get accurate results.

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for the few remaining college men should be alinski's 'rules for radicals'. it is one consistent reference feminists always use in their never ending quest for free stuff. might I suggest any college guy needing some electives sign onto a feminist course and question thoroughly anything stated in class (or in the reference materials) that doesn't hold water. besides, a LOT of companies are looking to hire people whose resume reflects proper diversity in their studies/background.

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Your comment brings back memories for me. There was this one fembot prof of mine who I loved to make look like a fool every chance I got. My favorite was when she made a chart on the board with two columns, one titled male, the other female. She then proceeded to arbitrarily place adjectives in each column. Lo and behold, all of the positive adjectives ended up in the male column, and all the negative ones in the female column. This was her proof that men are valued more by society.

I then asked her, "by gendering these adjectives, aren't we just re-inforcing gender stereotypes?"

At that moment she looked like she was about to have a stroke, she was so angry. Good times!

I hated that class with a passion, and she did give me a failing grade on a paper as revenge, but what she did not do is convince me that feminist theory is true, or that feminists are fair or reasonable people. She also did not stop me from passing the class, as I called her out on her BS grade, and she knew she couldn't fail me without me fighting it. She also did not stop me from graduating. In fact, I am being considered for a very prestigious position, as we speak. The whole experience built character, needless to say.

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