Irate Passenger Who Falsely Accused Uber Driver of Rape Banned For Life

Article here. Excerpt:

'The ride sharing service Uber has reportedly banned a passenger for life after she became irate at her driver and threatened to call the police and falsely accuse the driver with rape, the company says.

The New York Post placed portions of the dash-cam footage of the insane incident online earlier this week and it shows the female passenger angrily berating the male driver for several minutes. She was apparently upset that he did not have an iPhone charger available for her use.

The driver appears to remain calm and eventually informs the passenger he will terminate the ride immediately, unless she calms down.

That just sets her off more and she refuses to leave the vehicle unless he calls the cops. The driver then asks, again, if she will calm down and she threatens to spit in his face and refers to where she is from, presumably to impress upon the driver how tough she is.'

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