Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus

Article here. Excerpt:

'Kipnis, who is 60, is a well-known liberal feminist and cultural thinker, tough and rather funny, whose tone on the page – she writes quite a lot of journalism – suggests an eyebrow permanently raised.
Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus, which gathers all that she learned about this netherworld together, is a slim but caustic volume the imminent publication of which, Kipnis believes, is likely to test the limits of what can and can’t be said about the current situation in many, if not most, American universities – though in fact the reckoning has already begun.
Sex – that muddled, confusing thing – is, on American campuses, now more strongly associated with hazard than with freedom, which is something she regrets.
In the end, of course, sexual paranoia on campus is to be feared mostly for its deleterious effect on intellectual life. “This will only lead to the decline of the university,” says Kipnis. “And I feel a bit grim about that.”'

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.... won't need to worry about college boys even bothering to talk to them in a few short decades:


Whoa. It is developing faster than I thought. By 2030, the AI will be so good and the materials science such that banging a 'droid will be preferable to some girl you just picked up. Of course, falling in love will still be limited to humans but.... well... maybe not.

I foresee a day where boys and girls are raised surrounded by humanoid androids that do everything including f*ck. Will girls be as satisfied by screwing robots as much as boys? My instincts say no. But anyway, what happens when the first generation of kids raised with sex-bots around actually hit young adulthood? Maybe the girls will still want these things called "relationships", but the boys?

Let me just say right now that when I was a teenaged boy there was only one thing on my mind 95% of the time. You can guess what that is. If there had been just one female android that was even 50% passable as an actual human woman from the AI perspective and, say, 90% passable physically, that would have been enough. I'd've been on her banging the unholy bejeesus out of her for 10-16 hours a day. If my folks had tried to stop me I may well have run off with the robot and f*cked her senseless under the nearest bridge for the rest of my childhood.

Now after that kind of early sexual imprinting-type experience, what would my interest in actual human females have looked like? Think about this. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself, guys. How would YOU have felt about bothering to even talk to human women?

Well, one good thing that'll come of the sex-bot revolution: population control. If men are banging robots instead of women, they can't impregnate them. No pregnancies, no kids. No kids, no population problem. At least, the current one'll be gone soon enough.

A Pyrrhic Victory for the human race.

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