‘Sex Mad’ Mom Jailed for Wild Sex Romps With Underage Boys

Article here. Seven years. If a man had done this with girls, it'd be some type of sentencing that kept him in for life. Excerpt:

'A British mother-of-three who performed a “dreadful catalog” of sex acts with underage boys was sentenced to seven years’ in prison on Friday. The court heard that Amanda Tompkins performed a ‘striptease’ and sexually abused the boys while her own children were inside the house. The 39-year-old was sentenced for 10 counts of physical and sexual abuse of six boys.

According to reports by the Mail Online and the Mirror, the court heard that Tompkins invited the group of boys between the ages of 13 and 15 to her home, furnishing them with marijuana and alcohol, before engaging them in oral sex and full-on intercourse. She also told one of the boys that he’d gotten her pregnant and that she needed an abortion. She communicated with him via Facebook, which she also used to send him nude photos of herself.

“Putting it bluntly, ma’am, you are sex mad, decreed Judge Francis Sheridan. “You pleaded guilty to a most dreadful catalog of sexual offending against young boys … Your approach was anything goes as you saw fit in your own drunken stupor. You ran an open house and for that, you should read you ran a home of abuse with you as the abuser—there’s no point in ducking it, no matter how drunk you were.”'

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