Do's and don'ts for men at work and in life

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men today are relearning social etiquette in an age of renewed feminism.

Despite societal advances toward feminist policies and attitudes, women are still sometimes condescended to, overlooked and objectified. Men who resort to the lessons of their fathers and grandfathers may intend to be chivalrous but come off as lacking professionalism.

It all makes for a tangy soup of awkwardness.

"I don't think anyone knows what the new rules are," said Jackson Katz, an author and educator on feminist issues. Katz and other men like him identify as "pro-feminists," meaning they support feminism — defined as social, political and economic equality between the sexes — but recognize the centrality of women to the movement.

Men and women, he said, are constantly renegotiating their terms, making proper etiquette a moving target. So, how can men who identify as feminists avoid social hiccups? Here's what experts say:'

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As you can see from the frequent instances of ambivalence and otherwise ridiculously self-conscious minutiae, I suggest the following as a relatively "safe" course of action:

1. Ignore female colleagues as much as possible. By this, I mean do not initiate contact w/ them unless absolutely necessary. When dealing with them, limit your interaction to work matters. Keep humor at a minimum, as it can lead to easily misinterpreted commentary.

2. Never flirt with or try to date females at work even if they are not anywhere in your dept. or chain of command. Instead, bang hookers. In the long run they're cheaper than "ordinary" women, esp. now that the little druggie whores have competed the prices down. (Thank you, opium growers of the world/organized crime/Islamist terrorists using heroin to fund global jihad.) With hookers, you don't have to constantly worry about how you're coming across.

I am not fucking kidding.

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I couldn't help but notice that this article is full of "don't"s for men, which women I work with do all the time. I.e. touching (if I only had a nickel for every time a female co-worker, or professor for that matter, touched me on the back or shoulder), and talking sweet (some of them every second word out their mouth is hun, or sweetie).

This just goes to show that there is a real "have your cake and eat it too" mentality. My attitude is practice what you preach. Until women act the way they want men to in the workplace, this attack on men's behaviour is hypocritical and unwarranted.

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