Canada: Family court advice for men, from one who’s made it through

Article here. Excerpt:

'I mention this only because, as I’ve dipped my toe into these roiling and shark-infested waters of family law the past 10 days and been overwhelmed with email that breaks my heart, I was unprepared. I had little idea how bad it was.

I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of notes; on a gender breakdown, probably 80 per cent are from men, 20 per cent from women.

I’ve heard from family court lawyers, some of whom are angry at my suggestions that fathers get the tough end of the stick in child custody cases (though the actual evidence is reasonably clear that they do), some of whom say “the whole system is B.S … one of the first things out of my mouth when I see someone is, ‘What’s your budget and how much does he/she dislike you?’” I’ve heard from judges and former judges and psychologists and counsellors.

Without exception, they agree that the system is beyond broken.'

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