Records show history of domestic violence between couple before man's slaying

Article here. Excerpt:

'Paula Hobbs had been drinking while at a wedding with her boyfriend last fall near Pensacola when she got angry and starting swinging at him, court records show.

Evertt Leslie Humble was working as a DJ at the event and later told deputies he didn’t know why she got mad, but that she hit him several times and threw a glass at him, cutting his face, according to the Escambia County sheriff’s report. A witness finally had to intervene.

Though not as common or as widely publicized, domestic violence experts say abuse against men does happen.

“When we have a male victim, it is a reminder that anyone can be a victim of domestic violence,” said Harbor House CEO Michelle Sperzel.

Orlando police found Humble, 63, dead from multiple gunshot wounds Tuesday evening on the porch of the apartment he shared with Hobbs.'

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