So it’s come to this: A feminist is calling for female slavery

Article here. Excerpt:

'My mother, who grew up in the 1960s, feminism’s heyday, remains a self-described feminist and insists that the term means only that women should have the same rights as men. Indeed, the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word thus: “The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

What’s so objectionable about that? By this definition, everyone I know is a feminist, myself included. What sort of backward chauvinist would argue that women shouldn’t have the same rights as men?

The answer, apparently, is Sarrah Le Marquand, an Australian feminist and the editor-in-chief of “Stellar” magazine. In a piece penned for Sydney’s “Daily Telegraph,” Le Marquand argues that female parents of school-aged children should be legally required to enter the workforce and get a job.

That’s right: a philosophy that once demanded more rights for women now demands more restrictions. Men are free to work or to choose to stay home with their children. Women should be denied that choice, for the good of womankind. The ultimate goal of feminism is for women to have no choices except for those permitted them by society’s elites.'

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... including being a gendered version of Marxism. Marxism largely addressed the plight of the average worker, who at the time it was devised, was male. Marxism was largely about society's collective rel'p among various classes of men. It talked about women some but not that much.

Feminism started as a movement in the 19th century to get men and women on the same legal plane relative to one another. It was largely successful and sort of died out after its goals were met. It resurged however in the 1960s and assumed new goals. The 1960s also saw a resurgence in popularity of Marxism as a sociopolitical ideology. Thus the new feminism (dubbed "women's lib") took on some of these ideas. Since then, Marxism has been in feminism, up to today, at least among most self-identifying feminists.

So finding a feminist who asserts that to be a respectable member of society, one must work if she can ("From each according to his (her) abilities..."), should be no surprise at all. At least this particular feminist is actually trying to say women should be held to the same standards as men in the realm of work, at least in that they, like men, ought to be working. Nice change, anyway.

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Some feminists have been calling for male slavery for some time and have made some serious progress: just ask the men in jail who are released each to day to work, their income seized to pay child support.

A lot of feminists want to reduce the male population to about ten percent, keeping enough men to do the dirty work and to help the women reproduce.

Men have long been expected, and sometimes legally required, to work and pay for their families. If it's slavery for women to also be required to do so, then it's slavery for men.

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. . . for the most part are not given the option as to whether they work or stay at home. Most of the time, they are expected to bring in income.

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