Canada: Heading down an ugly path of Gender-based Justice

Article here. Excerpt:

'Federal judge Robin Camp resigned recently after a majority of senior federal judges across the country recommended his removal. These senior judges concluded the judge, whose impugned “knees together” comment is now well known, “acted in a manner that seriously undermined public confidence in the judiciary.”

There was no evidence of actual undermining of anything. The spectacle did show the effectiveness of gender advocacy. The witness, individual accusers, commentators, attorney general of Alberta (who instigated the review), federal justice minister and majority of members of the Inquiry Committee are women.
The danger of gender politics driving this overhaul of law and judicial system is that pickets and protests instill in judges fear of public ignominy and career forfeiture. To question anything complainants say will provoke the wrath of feminists who anoint all female complainants as survivors who must be believed.

This judicial fear will haunt the mists of consent and create a presumption of guilt. Legal presumptions of innocence and reasonable doubt, which legitimately belong with accused persons, will bend to complainants. More innocent men will be convicted and jailed up to 10 years.

For 12 years, I served as a Justice of the Peace. I saw gender-inspired injustice and it most assuredly is not something to which we should want to return.
There is a feminist thumb on the scale which seeks to reshape Canadian criminal law and the judicial function that developed over centuries — consent, merits, truth and justice notwithstanding.'

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