The reason why false rape report is misdemeanor charge

Article here. Excerpt:

'Viewers have asked why the woman who claimed to be raped and kidnapped by three men in Denison is only being charged with a misdemeanor.

"As far as we know, that's the charge that fits in this situation," says Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown. "We will be looking in full in the report to see if anything else that can be made of it."

District Attorney Brown says after Denison Police discovered Breana Harmon Talbott's claims of her kidnapping and rape by three men to be a hoax, she was arrested and charged with providing false information to a peace officer, a class B misdemeanor. Which means she could spend up to 180 days in jail or a fine up to two-thousand dollars.

But some locals say a misdemeanor charge isn't enough.'

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