"Something Is Happening Here"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Unfortunately, since liberalism and feminism were and are still closely linked, the boys' issue has almost exclusively been the province of conservatives. But now there is also a handful (at least) of centrists, or even liberals (like me) who continue to strive for recognition of boys' and men's issues as significant. And though feminists—especially those on the extreme side—continue to fight any attempts to get these issues into full public view, I am starting to feel that this fight itself shows that the movement on behalf of males is starting to have some traction.

But my optimism also comes from the fact that at least two movements in academia, the first quite well-known, the other getting that way, indirectly (and sometimes directly) support those concerned about boys and men. They, like us, see them not as difficulties, problems, creatures to be systematically shaped, but rather as human beings, who are struggling—not just in terms of such problems as poor school performance, incarceration, and high suicide rates—but in terms of being seen negatively, as compared to girls and women.'

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