Mexico: Metro installs men-only 'sexist seats' featuring a 'PENIS' as part of sexual harassment campaign

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Mexico City Metro has installed a 'sexist seat' - complete with a flaccid penis - on its network to highlight the repeated sexual harassment women face on trains every day.

The chair has been modified to have the appearance of a man, including a bare chest, nipples and penis.

The place is "exclusive for men," with the aim to make them feel as uncomfortable as women who have been sexual assaulted on the transport system.

The social experiment has caused surprise and discomfort among some commuters, but has been a huge success in terms of the publicity is has received.
The team behind the 'sexist' Metro seat were previously responsible for a similar campaign where men’s behinds were filmed and projected onto screens in the city’s underground stations to combat male chauvinism.'

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I think the nutsery on display speaks for itself, but I do have one observation to pen: if they want to fight some kind of incessant sexual misconduct on trains that make women feel uncomfortable, will making women look at seats crafted to display flaccid (or erect, for that matter) penises do anything to increase female comfort levels on the metro?

And how does making some percentage of seats un-sittable to BOTH sexes help the mission of the metro system in Mexico City?

I am coming to the conclusion that modern people's biggest plight these days is simple boredom. Life has become all too easy. Designed to struggle via 100s of 1,000s of years of evolution, modern man has so outdone himself in successes at taming, mastering, and separating himself from the natural world that he has nothing left to do. So he has to invent stuff to struggle against. I think much of what we see today is people looking for something to do that engages the limbic system in struggle if for no other reason than to give the demanding machinery something to chew on. Left with nothing to engage them, our most basic survival urges, which are accustomed to struggle and conflict, look for things to pitch themselves against. Lacking any real adversaries remaining, they set their sites on adversaries they cannot actually engage against and indeed, that are so abstract that no victory or defeat can ever be registered. The adversaries are many: racism, sexism, classism, social injustice, avarice, sloth, indifference, etc. The list goes on. Without physical enemies, we pick moral ones. This is how The Inquisition started: boredom and unengaged survival instincts. Yes, mix this state of un-challenge with the prevailing prejudices/bigotries of the time (in this case, misandry), and you get truly bizarre cr@p like this.

Like Jim Traficant used to say at the end of his famous one-minute speeches in the House, "Beam me up".

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It's stupid because this is sexual harassment. Doesn't that kind of make the people behind this total hypocrites?

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There are real problems to deal with. I have sons and daughters and a wife. I've seen all of them have to handle some level of harassment and sexism, though nothing so bad I'd deem it worthy of major response.

My son has come home from school and told me of sexist comments by teachers and female students. My daughters have come home from school and spoken of double standards (girls allowed to get away with worse behaviour/more lax dress codes than boys) but also of male teachers inappropriate comments, and I've seen my daughter get oggled by guys enough to make her uncomfortable.

But none of that is serious enough to lose my head over, not when the world has as many problems as it has.

The problem is as you say, when you run out of enemies you start making them up.

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Someone must slice off the head on that penis and convert it into a commentary on male genital mutilation.

Perhaps you can advise an MRA person in Mexico City does this?

Have them etch on it: "STOP MGM"

Take the art, convert it and put it back out there, redefined.

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