US: The Alt-Right Is What Happens When Society Marginalizes Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Various journalists have helped form a narrative of sorts about the identity of this shadowy, boisterous alt-right movement. The alt-right is childish and vicious, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing other than the message-board histrionics of aggrieved young men in their parents’ basement.

From what I can see, this narrative does apply to a degree. Where various alt-right voices have articulated ethnocentrism, outright racism, misogyny, decadence, and a kind of juvenile hatred, among other vile stances, we should offer condemnation in no uncertain terms.

I do wonder, however, if the media has missed at least one true thing regarding the “alt-right.” The movement (if we can call it that) may often prove inchoate and even inarticulate, but behind the memes and coded language, there seems to be a massed sentiment. It is this: men feel left behind.

America is divided today on this matter and its import. Many folks, particularly those of a more progressive bent, see men as whining over lost cultural capital. Once, men had it good; now they’re forced to compete in an even playing field, and they’re falling on their faces. Sorry for the stacked deck, guys—how does it feel, losers?

Others see men struggling, observe them falling precipitously behind in earning college degrees and other achievements such as earnings for unmarrieds, watch them leaving their wives and children then violently lashing out, and begin to wonder if men need something besides elaborate gender theory or a dismissive long-form hot-take. Maybe men, particularly young men, need help.'

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My comment:

'Interesting and made good points, but the concluding para. is off. Men need no call to repentence. We've been told to repent for our sex since birth. Dr. Lionel Tiger called it "the original sin of being male". Men are born judged and condemned in many ways just for being male.

No, what we need is for ppl like the author, feminists, and ordinary ppl alike to GET OFF OUR NECKS, bug off and leave us in peace. If you can't be nice to us, at least ignore us and let us live our lives unharassed by ppl like this.

If ppl want to be gender bigots, fine. Just keep your vile hatred of us to yourselves. Want to see us angry at you thus confirming your bigoted prejuices? Keep treating us like $hit. That's how you piss us off. Want to not be "bothered" by us? F*ck off and leave us alone. It's that simple.'

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Totally agree Matt. I can remember that kind of original sin, dirty little boys, bias being drummed into boys from kindergarten to the present. Its just got nastier and more mainstream over the last 40 to 50 years.
Time to shrug off the gender haters. But they are deeply enbedded in our schools and demoralising our boys.

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The simple truth is that a feminist society offers nothing to men. Feminism wants to rewrite the social contract so that women benefit as much as possible while men and children benefit as little as possible. The fatal flaw in this thinking is that men will continue to do what they've usually done--provide for and protect women and children--while receiving either nothing in return or being punished for doing so. Losing their children is the reward men receive for getting married. Ending up in child support jail is the punishment men receive for being stupid enough to become a father.

So what do men do? They quit providing and protecting. They see no reason to support a system that offers them nothing or punishes them for their efforts. So they go their own way, the only rational choice left to them. Yes, some men still marry and have kids--but the numbers willing to do so are falling with each new generation.

Psychologists tell us rats in a maze seeking cheese will quickly learn a new route through the maze if the researcher moves the cheese. At least the rats get the cheese. Feminists want men to run the maze without getting any cheese--or getting punished just for doing so. But men have made an astounding discovery: they don't have to enter the maze in the first place. Sorry, feminists: you've offered men nothing and now you're getting nothing in return.

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After about six paragraphs, it became clear to me that the author of this article was going to take a swipe at men pretty much every sentence, so I refused to finish reading it. I can't believe people like him exist. Men who think that men today owe women, because of the past. I wonder what past he thinks happened. Men would slave in mines, or work long hours at other not so glamorous jobs to ensure their wives and kids were fed, not to mention going to war, dying in thousands and millions to protect their societies. And men owe women . . . right.

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