Boy Positive Shirts

From Dr. Helen at:

'Imagine that instead of negative t-shirts that say "Boys Stink" or "Throw Rocks at Them," there were boy positive shirts that had kind messages. Here is a boy positive site selling shirts that say, "Strong Like Dad" or "Boys Rock." I normally don't like these message t-shirts but nowadays, who cares? It's better to send a good message to boys than sit back and let all the haters have their say.

Update: You can also get them on'

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These shirts are desperately needed in today's anti-male society

AWESOME! Finally someone addressing the issue. Kudos to the maker and all who purchase these. The time has come to give males the attention and admiration they deserve!!!

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I love how these shirts are father positive as well! "Strong Like Dad" says it all. I'm tempted to buy one of those for my daughter (as I don't have a son yet, and that's a message either a boy or a girl could wear). When I do have a son, I'll be sure to buy out that website. :-)

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