UK: Rape victims to be spared ordeal of cross-examination in court

Article here. Excerpt:

'The victims’ commissioner, Lady Newlove, welcomed the news that the government is to strengthen the support available to victims in the courtroom. “Prerecorded cross-examination allows vulnerable victims and witnesses to give evidence in a safe environment and I hope these long-awaited measures will provide the protection and reassurance they need to seek justice,” she said.

However, some questioned whether the new measures would place the defendant in rape trials at an unfair disadvantage.

James Conte, who founded the website, a support group for victims of false allegations, said: “Whilst we would welcome measures that would increase the rape convictions of people who really have committed rape, if you are wholly innocent of someone trying to frame you, you will not welcome these changes because they will increase your chances of being wrongfully convicted.”'

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