UK: False rape claim costs police nearly £20,000

Story here. Excerpt:

'Chelsea Mackie told officers she had been dragged down a street and had clothing ripped before she was attacked.

However, months later she admitted she had invented the claim and confessed to ripping her own clothes as part of her ruse.

The 23-year-old appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday.

Fiscal depute Kelly Mitchell told the court Mackie had been out with her borther [sic] and boyfriend in the city’s George Street on January 17, 2014, where they saw three men.

Mackie told her brother one of them had previously offered to sell her the date rape drug GHB, this led to a disturbance and police were called.

Officers spoke to Mackie and shortly after saw her walking behind the three men.

Mackie then turned up at a block of flats to see her mother-in-law.

Miss Mitchell said: “She heard her banging on the door, and heard the accused shouting ‘I have just been raped’. She did not believe this to be true and ignored the accused who continued to shout and swear for five minutes.”

Mackie then went outside and told a resident she had been attacked.

She claimed that one of the men had tried to rip her clothes off before raping her, while the other two men stood by.

Two of the men were cautioned, detained and interviewed, and denied raping Mackie.

It was also found there were no marks on Mackie’s clothing – which did not match her description of being dragged.'

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