Rebecca Solnit, Who Helped Popularize ‘Mansplaining,’ Is the Queen of Fakery

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rebecca Solnit, a writer, culture critic and activist with a long list of books and several literary awards, is indisputably one of the intellectual matriarchs of modern American feminism. Among other things, she gets much of the credit—or blame, if you prefer—for the now-ubiquitous term “mansplaining.”
Solnit’s new essay collection, The Mother of All Questions—already hailed as a shining light in the post-election Dark Ages—celebrates the feminist revival that she pinpoints as starting in 2014, with the #YesAllWomen campaign in response to Elliot Rodger’s shooting spree fueled by rage at female rejection. #NotAllWomen, however, are quite as excited by a feminism that treats a mentally ill man’s homicidal rampage as emblematic of male-female relations and compares men to a bowl of M&Ms in which some are poisoned (a metaphor decried as “dehumanizing” and “morally bankrupt” when it’s Skittles and Syrian refugees). In fact, Solnit’s book is a pretty good summation of what some of us have dubbed “fauxminism”: the gender warfare, the wallowing in victimhood, the fake facts. Oh, and one of the essays in it is quite literally based on a falsehood. More on that later.

Solnit paints a hellish picture of female life under modern-day American “patriarchy”: misogyny and “rape culture” are rampant; women face constant danger of “humiliation, harm, and maybe even death” because of their gender and are silenced by everyone from GamerGate nerds to wife-beaters. The only good men are feminist allies ashamed of the horrors perpetrated by their fellow males.'

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