Circumcision should be delayed to adulthood for informed consent

Article here. Excerpt:

'The conversation regarding whether babies born with male genitalia should be circumcised has resurfaced recently with more urgency due to the renewed public vigor about personal bodily autonomy and consent.

It is expected that parents make most decisions regarding their child’s health and happiness during infancy. While babies are limited to crying to communicate their needs, parents are left to make major life decisions for the child that bypass the usual realm of what they should wear or what they should eat.

A parent piercing their child’s ears so they look “pretty,” for example, is a contested issue. This issue pales in comparison, however, to the irreversible practice of penile circumcision. Many are starting to see circumcision as a question of bodily autonomy and as a form of bodily mutilation. At the very least, information about the concerns of circumcision should be available to parents.

Because a child cannot give a form of consent on a permanent cosmetic procedure, the practice of penis circumcision in infancy or in childhood should be stopped.'

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