Study: Circumcision makes sex better for men

Article here. Check out the comments. Excerpt:

'Circumcision is the answer, according to a team of experts at the University of Chicago.

They found the simple op made sex more enjoyable for two thirds of blokes.

The researchers were tasked with looking at a man’s sexual pleasure, and function in the bedroom – as well as the risk of injury during sex.

The 362 men taking part were quizzed six and 24 months after having their circumcision.

The researchers said: “The study confirmed men’s long-term satisfaction with the outcome of their voluntary medical male circumcision.

“It improved sexual pleasure and function for most men and significantly decreased coital injuries.”

Of the 362 circumcised men taking part, 98 per cent reported being happy with their op.

Most, 95 per cent, told researchers their female partners were satisfied after the procedure.'

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Studies like this are extremely misleading, and from a statistical standpoint, are garbage.

First of all, the sample is not random. Second of all, the latest the men were interviewed after the procedure was 2 years later.

In order for these results to have any bearing, the men need to be interviewed a few more times. At the very least, they need to be interviewed 10 years after the procedure to see if they still feel the same way. This is especially important, considering that circumcision causes the glans to keratinize, and in turn desensitize. As time proceeds, more and more sensitivity is lost.

So, sure the men may be happy now. But in ten years, when they have lost a considerable amount of sensitivity, probably not so much.

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