Sheryl Sandberg: Women work more hours than men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sandberg also discussed the wage gap: "Even though women work more hours per day and more days per year than men, we earn only a small percentage of the world's income and own even less of the world's property."
It's not clear whether Sandberg is striking or taking action today. "If people want to support the strike, we support them. We support our employees' rights and freedoms to express their beliefs," Joe Benarroch, communication manager at Facebook, told CNNTech.'


What is the Average Hours Per Week Worked in the US?

Men worked an average of 41.1 hours per week. Woman worked an average of 36.4 hours per week in paid employment.

Married men worked 5.1 hours more per week than men who were never married. Married women worked 1.7 hours more than women who were never married.'

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"Gender Commute Gap — Another Reason Why Men Earn More"

"On average, American men spend 23 percent longer commuting than women do, which adds up to a lot of lost leisure and lost life each year."

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