Yet Another College Loses a Due Process Case

Article here. Excerpt:

'I missed this news last week, but it’s certainly worth highlighting. Another college has lost another due process case after railroading a male student in a campus rape tribunal. The College Fix reprints the opinion and summarizes the case:

"San Diego State University violated “procedural fairness” by refusing to let a student accused of rape have an advocate “with the same or substantially similar skills, training and experience” as his accuser’s advocate, a California court ruled.

Judge Joel Wohlfeil ordered the university to “dissolve the finding” by Dr. Lee Mintz, who also served as the school’s investigator, that “John Doe” did not stop having sex with “Jane Roe” when she asked.

It also must take back its finding that Roe “became incapacitated” and Doe “continued to have sex with her.” Mintz characterized those findings as “sexual assault” and “rape.”"

Without getting too far into the weeds of the case, the accuser claims that she asked the accused to stop having sex with her after she says she felt sick after ingesting edible marijuana. The male student claimed the sex was over before the marijuana could have taken effect and that text messages, phone records, and a polygraph backed his version of the events.'

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