This App Uses AI To Track Mansplaining In Your Meetings

Article here. Excerpt:

'Studies have shown that women face bias when they speak up in the workplace. Regardless of whether it's conscious or unconscious, that bias has real consequences. For instance, in a study in which Yale psychologist Victoria L. Brescoll asked male and female employees to evaluate executive performances, she found that female executives who spoke frequently were given 14% lower ratings of competence. Their chatty male peers, meanwhile, were rewarded with 10% higher ratings.

It's no wonder, then, why women on average speak less than men in meetings: These risks aren't just perceived, they're proven. The Stockholm-based design firm Doberman believes the first step toward erasing gender bias in the workplace is making it known. For that, it designed an app called GenderEQ that monitors and evaluates meetings based on voice recognition, then analyzes the data to show the percentage of time taken up by male and female speakers.
The app does bring up a few obvious questions, though: Does grouping voices into male and female voice based on the frequency and tone reinforce certain stereotypes, even as the app seeks to do away with others? And what about people who don't identify with either symbol on the screen? "We are very aware that gender identity is a much more complex subject than this," says Lars Ericsson, head of technology at Doberman. "We don’t think that this will solve the question around gender identity or gender equality. That’s definitely an important point to make. What we hope to achieve is to raise the awareness and fuel the discussion around how we interact and behave."'

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