‘Day Without Women’ Was A Bit Of A Bust

Article here. Excerpt:

'Nearly everyone tells pollsters they believe in the equality of the sexes, while small minorities — 18 percent last year — say they’re feminist. In most media outlets, that percentage seemingly skyrockets.

Despite the heavy amount of coverage feminist activism receives, it remains a fringe factor in much of society.

Still, women and men should remember that women who are angry or otherwise moved to political action frequently have had negative experiences with men. In the same way, some men who are angry about the relationship between the sexes have had negative experiences with women. The best antidote to grievance marches is for men and women to treat each other well.

Now, even if you haven’t been treated well by the opposite sex, you should not lose hope. But women who have been treated well by men don’t tend to riot over the treatment of women. Men who have been treated well by women tend not to wreak havoc in others’ lives.

Now get out there and treat your fellow man and fellow woman well, learning the joys that come from cooperation rather than competition between the sexes.'

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