'Women's March' feminists want entitlements, not equality

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s the new wave of militant feminism. Like the January march, this latest demonstration is seeking to capitalize on the trendy protests that garner media attention and assert the liberal narrative that Trump’s administration does not value “women’s rights.”

This is absurd. Nothing about the Trump administration or its policies to date have remotely suggested that women are valued less or do not have the same rights or legal protections as men. In fact, Trump’s own campaign manager was the first woman to manage a winning presidential campaign and his cabinet and group of advisors include multiple successful women. So why the outrage over women’s rights?

As a woman myself and someone very concerned about preserving and protecting fundamental rights, I have to ask, what exactly defines “women’s rights?” Historically, this meant that women should have the same legal, social, and governmental privileges as men. This is what women traditionally meant by equality — literally, having equal status. But in the past few decades, this idea of women’s rights has evolved to mean some sort of additional, special rights or privileges that position us above men, categorically.

Though feminists won’t admit it, this isn’t actually equality. It’s playing governmental favoritism and demanding to in fact not be equal. Feminism has gone from demanding equality to demanding entitlements.'

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