A Day Without Women, A Defamation of Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Historically Americans have held some significant marches to protest wide-spread injustices and inequalities. The Suffragette Movement and the March in 1913 protested women’s disenfranchisement and inequality under the law. Martin Luther King and the March on Washington demanded a reversal of the institutionalized racism that persisted well into the 1960s. “A Day without Women”, however, – a protest to spotlight the “economic injustices” against women – does not follow suit.

Today women will gather in cities around the country to “call attention to” issues such as pay equity, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity. We are certain to hear about the grossly overstated wage gap, the need for mandated paid leave, and government funded childcare, among other things.

Of course, this “woman-as-victim” narrative is nothing new. For years progressives have worked to convince Americans that women are victims of a relentless sexist society and therefore in need of constant special attention from government. Feminists on the left increasingly act as if women don’t have choices; and too often they (re)fashion women as objects rather than agents.'

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Imagine that: A day without women, and no one even noticed. Sure, the liberal media covered the little marches. But, seriously, was there any real impact? Not that I could tell...

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the thousands of luxury spas and malls did a record business. its he!! being a victim.

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