Australia: Why the ABC’s International Women’s Day stunt is wrong

Article here. Excerpt:

'THE ABC is kicking its men off the airwaves tomorrow because it wants to promote equality of the sexes.

Do you want to read that sentence again?

Yes, in some misguided gesture to mark International Women’s Day our national taxpayer-funded broadcaster is replacing all its male television and radio hosts with women.

Who knew gender apartheid was in its charter.

Obviously wherever the ABC goes, others follow and so the The Hit Network has announced it will deliver a national breakfast show, hosted by Fox FM’s Fifi Box and 2 Day FM’s Em Rusciano, and featuring only women.

If I was a male host I’d be insulted and if I was a female host I’d feel patronised for a panoply of reasons.

Firstly, women don’t need men to be displaced so we can be elevated. We’re perfectly capable of driving our own agendas and garnering our own status through talent and hard work not via some muddle-headed stunt that draws headlines but not change.'

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