Isn’t every day International Women’s Day?

Article here. Jump the paywall by Googling the first paragraph text. Excerpt:

'Right now, thousands of deluded feminists are clearing their throats ready to start bleating about the oppression of the patriarchy, squawking about the fantasy gender pay gap and banging on drums to the rhythm of “poor me”. Wide-eyed, eager-to-please young minions will be directed to ensure #BeBoldForChange trends on Twitter all day long. If you were planning a digital detox, may I suggest tomorrow.

What exactly would they like to change? Perhaps they could start with their own heinous narrative?

Let’s be clear: in the Western world, every day is International Women’s Day. What precisely is this current redundant wave of feminism trying to achieve? Women already get equal pay for equal work.

Countless organisations have entirely rewritten recruiting policies to hit aggressive gender targets. Westpac is reportedly targeting 50 per cent women in leadership roles. It’s been entirely forgotten that capability is more important than gender.

While fem-folk busy themselves crowing about workplace equality and demanding the right to have babies, a career and earn a fulltime salary, they won’t dare venture into the woods to tackle real oppression oozing from Islam.

Where are the fem-bots slamming unacceptable comments about domestic violence being an acceptable “last resort” from Keysar Trad, president of Australian Federation of Islamic Council?

Instead, criticism fell at the feet of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton for daring to call feminists “hypocrites”. He’s right: how can anyone call themself a feminist and support sexist sharia law? Illogical.

In an interview with The Dartmouth Review last week, Christina Hoff Sommers said: “Girls and women are the privileged sex in education. From preschool to graduate schools, and across ethnic and class lines, women get better grades, they win most of the honours and prizes, and they’re far more likely to go to college.”

One gender gap has closed — and the other has opened up. Sweden has commissioned research into the so-called “boy crisis”.
Last week, the misandry merchants at anti-domestic violence organisation Our Watch circulated a meme saying, “Let’s stop framing victims as daughters and sisters and start framing rapists as brothers and fathers”.'

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