UK: University bans lecturers from using series of phrases that could be deemed sexist

Article here. Excerpt:

'Lecturers have been banned from using the phrases ‘mankind’ and ‘man-made’ as part of a university’s clampdown on ‘gendered language’.

Cardiff Metropolitan University says the ‘politically correct’ words should be used to ‘promote an atmosphere in which all students and staff feel valued’.

The rules are laid out in the institution’s Equal Opportunities Policy, which warns contraventions could result in disciplinary action.

It says ‘inclusive language’ must be used throughout all academic programmes to comply with the Equality Act as gendered words could be considered discriminatory.'

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I really think people need to stop being offended by the terms man-made and mankind.

The word man in middle English meant any human being, females included, or the entirety of the human race. That's where these terms come from. They aren't exclusionary by any means. I know this, and I've only taken two university English classes.

I find it hilarious that feminists, many of which gravitate towards English, are completely unaware of this fact. Like Matt says, don't let facts get in the way of a good rant. Either that, or don't bother taking any English classes that don't revolve around finding female oppression in every single work of literature ever produced.

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