He Said, She Accused

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men are very dangerous,” the radical feminist Andrea Dworkin declared at a 1983 meeting of the National Organization for Changing Men, an “anti-sexist” group with an apparent shortage of gender-based rah-rah male self-esteem. Readers of The Campus Rape Frenzy, the sobering new book by KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr., will pick up a distinctly different impression: On many of today’s angst-filled college campuses, it seems the tables have turned.

“Casual sex with women you barely know is especially dangerous,” notes Taylor at the book’s close, cautioning future generations of college-bound young men. It almost sounds quaint, echoing warnings once dispensed to young women about men in the supposedly retrograde days of yore. But as The Campus Rape Frenzy documents, at colleges across America, innocent male students are increasingly railroaded, scapegoated, and victimized. They are learning the hard way that sex with the wrong girl might just ruin your life.

Colleges, particularly those of the elite variety, are in the “grip of a moral panic about students’ sexual behavior,” Johnson and Taylor write. Thanks to a 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter to universities from the Obama administration’s Office of Civil Rights, college campuses are increasingly taking sexual-assault adjudication into their own hands. The results are disastrous, following a formula that is perfect, as Johnson and Taylor point out, “for judging innocent male students to be sex offenders,” using standards that turn both “civil liberties and centuries of common law upside down.”'

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