Theresa May's top security advisor quits after being accused of 'mansplaining' to the PM and annoying Donald Trump

Article here. Excerpt:

'Theresa May's top security advisor has quit after being accused of 'mansplaining' to the Prime Minister and irritating Donald Trump.

Sir Mark Lyall Grant has resigned as Mrs May's national security advisor after less than two years in the role.

The resignation comes after Sir Mark was accused of 'mansplaining' - or talking in a condescending manner to women - by multiple sources at Number 10.

The source said the Old Etonian, who was a UK ambassador to the UN before taking over the national security adviser role, spoke over the Prime Minister during a meeting at Downing Street.

It is also claimed that Sir Mark did not hit it off with President Donald Trump during a recent visit to Washington and riled the leader with his manner.'

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