By teaching children to fear men, we are letting our kids down

Article here. Excerpt:

'A lot of people, upon reading an article like Kasey Edwards' Why I won't let any male babysit my children, would probably react with anger.

I know I did. It's hard to be told that you've been classified as a potential predator – that, without knowing anything about you, someone has already decided that their children need to be protected from you – without feeling pretty offended.

I never have and never will abuse a child, and, on a base emotional level, it's hurtful to hear that the probability of my doing so is too great to allow me to be alone with kids. But as Edwards says, the protection of children is not secondary to men's right not to be offended, so it's worth trying to go beyond that initial visceral anger, and examine a little closer the idea of forbidding men from taking care of your children.'

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