"Beware white male pushback"

Article here. Excerpt:

'To my beautiful, treasured granddaughter, it’s official. The future is female. I encourage you to become knowledgeable about the positive changes rapidly developing in our world. The vast majority of straight white American males deplores and dreads this change.

The males will continue to defy our progress with every weapon they can muster. I encourage you to connect with progressive women. Males fear us, and they want you to fear us, too. We threaten their sweet white empire. We are everywhere.

Our numbers are exponentially rising. As typical of males in “Red” American states, I surmise that at the core, all or most of the males in your life morbidly fear and despise the following: self-assured, male-BS-intolerant women and supporters of women; non-whites (unworthy, nefarious, did not earn America’s goodies); non-straight males (pervert sissies).'

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Women hate males, of all stripes, colors, and varieties. This is how this hatred is expressed: by telling women that men hate them and fear them.

The biggest sexism of all is the false belief that all men hate women. The second is that it's not sexism for women to hate men because women "don't have power."

If want women want to be independent, fine by me. I just wish they'd hurry up and become independent adults who pay their own way instead of expecting and demanding that men or the taxpayers pay their way.

An independent woman doesn't demand welfare, free birth control, free abortions, free child care, free medical care, child support, or alimony. That's what dependent women do. A lot of women can't tell the difference.

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How can this outrageous gender hatred speech go unchallenged in the broader community. Women making these kinds of hate speech are hailed as heroes.

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