Flowers = domestic violence

Article here. Jump the paywall by Googling the first paragraph. Excerpt:

'The day every woman who works in an office dreads because of Flower-Gate. Who gets the first bunch? The biggest bunch? Who gets balloons — and who gets sweet nothing? Such are the awkward highlights of office life for the working girl.

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you can now tip your love heart-sequined beret to our good friends at the feminist domestic violence industry.

Apparently their savage, relentless anti-men messaging on every other day of the year isn’t enough. Now they want to cast suspicion on those pesky perennials you see being delivered to your colleague in the corner.

The Full Stop Foundation, which perhaps should literally have stopped there, is now sending out free guilt trips for Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome. Look forward to a balloon pumped full of doubt to burst any hope of enjoying your bouquet when it’s delivered.

In an attempt to “reframe the national conversation”, the organisation is using Valentine’s Day to launch its “I Got Flowers Today” campaign. It asks all Australians to ponder who got flowers because of love, and who received them as an apology for violent behaviour.

Give. Me. Strength.'

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