Florida man fights for paternity rights of son over mother’s husband

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'After losing contact with his 3-year-old son when he broke off a relationship with the mother, a Florida man is fighting for paternity rights to his son, WPTV reported.

John Karpinski's legal fight is complicated by the fact that the mother of his child was legally married when the boy was born. Florida law gives all paternal rights to her husband.

The boy's mother says she and her husband recognize the child as their own, and they plan to raise him together, WPTV says.

"Mr. Karpinski was a great dad and was doing all of the things that are expected of a father and then to have that ripped away from him is certainly a different circumstance that even this law ever contemplated," said his attorney, Shaun Plymale.

"I will never stop as long as there is breath in my body," Karpinski told WPTV. "I want my boy home."

Similar battles over fathers' custody and paternity rights have made headlines in recent years. Most state laws tend to favor the mother in a custody battles, but there's been a growing movement over the rights of fathers.'

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