Hillary Clinton Spearheads War On Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'In a new video produced ahead of the 2017 Makers Conference – an invitation-only feminist leadership retreat held in California – Hillary Clinton boosted the feminist movement with a rallying call for girls and women to be “the glass-ceiling breakers of the future.”

“Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that yes, the future is female,” Clinton said. “Just look at the amazing energy we saw last month as women organised a march that galvanised millions of people all over our country and across the world.”

So why can’t the future be male? Answer: because today’s men are under a full frontal assault by feminists like Clinton who are doing their utmost to erase the concept of masculinity and maleness.

When male babies grow into little boys, they cannot act like boys, dress like boys or feel like boys because feminists have stamped the very concept of masculinity with the word “toxic” and “misogynistic” all over it. Because of the conditioning they grow up with in the public education system and the dinosaur media, it is little wonder that boys grow up to be so effeminate, emasculated and disempowered. This misandrous assault is beyond nauseating to say the least.'

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Where the heck did they get that from? I mean, why are they calling it a makers conference? Makers conferences are for people who build/make things at home, sort of an amateur inventors' thing. It has nothing to do with feminism.

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Google "The Maker Movement"

Let me summarize...

Women have not done well in engineering studies. Here is the reason, in my opinion...

GIRL DAY programs attempt to recruit high school girls to engineering. They do this by demonstrating what engineering is. Engineering has two facets: analysis vs. design.

Analysis == MATH
Design == collaboration, communication, brainstorming, presentations, etc.

During Girl Day program, they ONLY teach about engineering design since the High school students do not yet have the math.

Thus, the girls (few and far between compared to the boys... feminists: DEAL WITH IT... it is true), see GIRL DAY, they THINK engineering is about DESIGN. Thus, girls who MIGHT have been good at math, decline. The girls who are not good at math, entering engineering.

And they fail.

So this MAKER MOVEMENT is a pedagogical attempt to eliminate the math from engineering and reduce it.

We have seen the results... One female professor in Australia calls it the "feminization of math."

Anyway, as a result of that, and MATH EDUCATION Ph.D program (A PH.D. program in MATH EDUCATION means you don't know shit about math; all you know is how to babble like a feminazi trying to get more girls into math), is now riddled with feminazis trying to tweak math education. They make math about MAKING math.

The Maker movement is exploding everywhere.

And now there is a MAKER CONFERNCE.

So that is the background.

If you are a parent and you hear the words "Maker Movement:" be very afraid. It means feminists are poised to destroy the curriculum.

Clinton's speech to this conference should be ringing alarms. It means the Maker MOvement is legitimizig and threatens the techonlogical security of the United States. Time to do like the Swedes and put on your burkas.

Check this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maker_culture

The Maker Movement SEEMS like technology. But it is really garage technology so that girls can participate. It is not the technology that will put us on Mars, or cure Cancer. It is "giving up." And Obama establishd national centers and it is growing. Be very afraid of this movement.

Lift the veil off Maker Movement and you will find Feminist Movement.

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when I saw 'makers' and hitlery in the same paragraph I thought to myself, 'well, she has finally found her calling in life'. was my face red when I saw it wasn't about makers bourbon. kinda glad though. just something else she would surely screw up.

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The maker movement will not stop boys who are great at STEM. It's really just about helping all learning styles. This one specifically helps those who learn best via hands-on learning. In fact, males tend to gravitate toward this style of learning. But, you do make a fair point about how the math aspect of it is being watered down. It's too bad that programming isn't taught more often instead. Programming is like a beautiful marriage of the maker movement with mathematics.

I also assure you that whatever "maker" group was referred to in the article has nothing to do with STEM, apart from complaining that there aren't enough women in it. Ironically enough, the walls they raise for women by acting like there's some oppressive horde of males hiding in the woodwork, waiting to pounce on any woman who dare walk near the engineering building on a college campus is not going to help women make any advances.

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