Why college guys should be terrified of campus hookups

Article here. Excerpt:

'“Men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter.” Those were not the words of a nun at your local Catholic high school 50 years ago. They were written in 2014 by the progressive Ezra Klein, editor of Vox, in explaining the importance of California’s “affirmative consent” law.

Passed in 2015, the law requires that students at the state’s colleges must obtain “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity” from their partners. If not, they could be subject to disciplinary procedures for sexual assault.

It is one of the astounding ironies of our current era that universities, which have long been billed as havens of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, places to experiment and rebel before you grow up, now employ armies of bureaucrats to regulate the sex lives of their students. These administrators hand out condoms and invite students to lectures by professional dominatrixes, while at the same time holding secret tribunals to punish men who engage in what can best be described as regrettable drunken hookups with their female classmates.'

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When most colleges were single-sex and most colleges men-only, it was a truism of these colleges that nearby, at least one or two relatively inexpensive brothels would open and do a brisk business. Hence the nod-and-wink when a fellow would say "I'm going into town this week-end." After co-education took hold, the college cathouse sort of fell away as a fixture in college towns.

But between persecution of men on campuses under Title IX and the rather large number of undergraduate women signing up on sites like seekingarrangement.com (ie, becoming amateur prostitutes for men with spending cash in the hundreds instead of tens of dollars), I can see how collegiate men may find themselves increasingly short of options to find sexual companionship without risking getting branded a rapist and tossed out of school. I can imagine though that the free market being what it is, the fine tradition of the college cathouse specializing in inexpensive oral sex will return, if indeed it already hasn't. I just think it'd be funny for such a venerable institution as that got new life into it, all the while 60-70% of campus residents are female. Welcome to bizarre-o-world.

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In the movie "Risky Business," Tom Cruise opens a cathouse in his parents' house for one night while they're away. He handles sales. He asks some of his friends how much they spent on a date and how much they got in return. Most spent the equivalent of one night in the cathouse and most got nothing in return.

One of his friends claims "he doesn't have to pay for it."

Yeah, right.

All men pay for sex. They buy dinner, they buy rings, they buy houses. The problem men face: they may pay for sex but not get any in return.

And, sometimes, especially on college campuses, a man might get lucky one night with a woman on whom he has spent very little. The two get drunk, they have sex, and she regrets it the next morning. She was cheap. She didn't get paid enough. So she files a complaint with the administration, who is being pressured to crack down on campus sexual assault, and the guy ends up being expelled with a black mark on his record.

So, yeah, cathouses make sense.

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