Audi: The Car for the Unhappy Woman

Article here. Excerpt:

'If there was ever a more mendacious or socially destructive ad during the Super Bowl, let alone on television, I am unaware of it.

As a believer in the free market and the free exchange of ideas, I have rarely advocated for or participated in a boycott of a company for the political positions of its owners or directors. I eat Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream despite the fact that I have opposed every left-wing political and social position Ben and Jerry have ever advocated. It's a free country. And I want to keep it free.

But Audi crossed a line. It should pay an appropriate price.

First, we need to stop the politicization of everything in America. We need to be able to watch sports, for example, without the intrusion of left-wing propaganda. I would feel the same about right-wing propaganda, but the right believes in allowing people to enjoy life without injecting politics wherever possible.

Second, the ad sent the false and debilitating message to every girl that being born in America is to be born oppressed and persecuted. "I am a woman, therefore I am a victim," it says.'

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Hey, just something I thought of in regards to this commercial. I wonder if Audi will run it during the WNBA games, and if they do, will they pay the same price?

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