Trump faces uphill battle undoing campus rape scares inherited from Obama

Article here. Excerpt:

'President Trump’s Education Department can easily revoke mandates compelling colleges and universities to take due process rights away from students accused of sexual assault — but undoing practices institutionalized by the Obama administration and backed by feminist factions on campus will require greater effort.

Stuart Taylor Jr., a former non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution, said incoming Education Secretary Betsy DeVos should repeal orders threatening to pull federal funds from universities that fail to adopt adjudication processes that increase the likelihood that male students accused of sexual misconduct will be found guilty.

“What they can and should do, very easily and very fast, is revoke all of the various orders that the Obama administration issued to colleges,” said Mr. Taylor, who co-wrote “The Campus Rape Frenzy” with K.C. Johnson. “These orders have been couched as guidance, and they don’t have the standing of regulations because they did not go through the necessary notice and comment rule-making process, so that means Trump and his people can make them disappear with the stroke of a pen.”

In response to what the Obama administration described as an epidemic of campus rape, the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights in 2011 began issuing “Dear Colleague Letters” that invoked Title IX to force colleges to establish disciplinary procedures for resolving sexual assault allegations between students.'

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