The Women's March organizers are planning a massive 'day without women' strike

Article here. Excerpt:

'The organizers of the Women's March on Washington — the protest that drew an estimated half a million people in Washington, DC, alone — are now planning a mass strike.

"The will of the people will stand," the organizers posted on Twitter. The date of the strike is still to be determined.

The announcement follows two New York City strikes from groups affected by President Donald Trump's executive order temporarily barring immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries and all refugees from entering the US (the order was placed on a temporary hold on Friday).

On January 28, members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance went on a one-hour strike in solidarity with protesters at JFK airport. Uber, however, was still servicing riders, which prompted the #DeleteUber hashtag that led to 200,000 deleted accounts, according to The Verge.

A week later, members of New York City's Yemeni-American community closed hundreds of their markets and protested in Brooklyn.'

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Imagine if every man categorically refused to lift a finger for one day, regardless of occupation. No work by men, period. Can you imagine the result? Buildings burning out of control, emergency rooms understaffed of MDs (20% staffing of EMS, too), no refuse collection or road or building maintenance, crime unchecked (ie, crimes by women, as even the male criminals would stay in bed that day, too), gov't slowed to a virtual halt, etc., etc.

That's just one day. Now imagine a month. Wow. Quite a thought experiment.

In any case, I hope these would-be strikers enjoy themselves. I mean, they are still my countrymen (and -women). Regardless of their political leanings, I still do wish them happiness in this life. I hope they find a reason to laugh soon. I don't rejoice in my fellow Americans' unhappiness.

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