Kleptomania and a mother’s love: The five-finger discount is my personal rebellion against inequality

Article here. Excerpt:

'From my perspective, stealing is also an attempt to rewrite or get outside those laws that create a sense of normalcy in society. A society that allows certain children access to the healthiest foods, that underpays and therefore undermines the work of certain people, and that holds competition and economic inequality as givens, rather than culturally constructed ways of life. It comes over me when I think about the endless turnover of paper, the endless struggle we all undergo every day, just to get dinner on the table.
Kleptomania shows us that we too often privilege property over the mental and emotional well-being of women. For his part, Stekel favors reports of women stealing pencils, or a scarf after an incident with a cigar. From this perspective, women’s sexual excitations, rather than the work of love, can be blamed for every transgression of the law a woman carries out.'

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Rationalization is a truly limitless endeavor. "I had to steal it because ______." Fill in the blank. The degree to which ppl can make excuses for bad behavior seems limitless. This case is just an example of someone using a handy paradigm in society (a nymphotropic women-and-children-at-any-cost meme, in this case) to rationalize bad behavior. Drug addicts for example will rationalize their bad behavior by whatever means available. Anything to not be responsible.

So long as nymphotropism exists, there will be women and men both ready to rationalize bad behavior from women, whether it be stealing, "h@ving sex with" ppl below the age of consent, right up to murder, with a wave of the hand. "She did it because as a woman, she can." That's all it comes down to.

Truth is, bad actors always find a reason to rationalize bad behavior. It's human nature. It's just that in the case of women, ppl of both sexes seem in an awful big hurry to give them a pass much faster than they will give men under the same or similar conditions.

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