"Protests" at Milo UC Berkeley event

Video here. Wednesday night at UC Berkeley, anti-free speech rioters arrived on the scene to shut down an event hosted by Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos.

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'The movement for free speech on campus was born at the University of California, Berkeley in 1964. Last night it died there. In the intolerant screams, smashed glass and fire — actual fire — of the Berkeley protesters who successfully prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking, the ideal of free speech on campus was dealt a fatal blow. It’s undeniable now: the modern western university, once a bastion of thought experimentation, is now one of the most hostile places on earth to freedom of speech and robust debate.

It’s tempting simply to ridicule the students and anarchists who gathered in vast numbers in Berkeley last night to insist that Breitbart provocateur and Trump fanboy Milo be thrown off campus. It’s tempting to hurl the usual epithets: they’re snowflakes, wimps, typical touchy millennials. But that isn’t enough. It doesn’t cover it anymore. The Berkeley fury confirms we face something far worse than spoilt yoof acting up. This was a positively pre-modern outburst; a mob; an ugly, irrational use of force and fire to prevent the expression of ideas. Future historians will study this, surely, and wonder how such censorious hysteria came to take hold of the leading academic institutions of the west.'

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I think it is time to enact some sensible protest laws to protect free speech, to keep people safe and to protect property from destruction. How come only abortion has special protest protection laws? Doesn't seem fair.

I think speakers on college campuses should have the same legal protection that women and abortion clinics do when it comes to protesters. It should be illegal to block entrances and exits, and there should be a "buffer zone" that says protesters must be so many feet away from the building, and intentional loud noises to block the ability to hear the speech should also be prohibited as some states have laws against protest noise at abortion clinics.

I heard there was $100,000 worth of property damage at the Milo protest riot.

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