India: Another example of male bashing? Guy labelled molester at Atif Aslam's concert claims he was the victim

Article here. Excerpt:

'Looks like there are many layers to the whole incident of singer Atif Aslam stopping his concert midway to save a girl from molestation. The boy who was alleged to misbehave with girls at the concert has now revealed his side of the story in an interview with a Pakistan daily. The boy claimed he was a student of Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and was responsible for the security management.

Sharing his side of the story and claiming that he was misjudged, the guy said he was the victim. Speaking on his responsibilities, he told it was his job to ensure people from non-VIP sections didn’t go to the VIP section. He alleged of seeing two girls accompanied by a guy, crossing the non-VIP section and surging ahead towards the stage. The IBA student said he asked them politely to either show their VIP passes or go back to their seats, whilst adding that there was a huge rush which organizers were unprepared for.

But, apparently, things took an unpleasant turn for him soon after. He said the girls started getting violent with him and the boy who was with them punched him in the face. That was exactly when Atif Aslam saw them and halted the performance to ‘rescue these girls’. He said:

'Instead of trying to understand the real story, Atif Aslam blamed me, the actual victim. Nobody listens to men in our society especially when a woman has said anything against him – it doesn’t matter true or false. When Atif Aslam said ‘rescue these girls,’ everyone thought I was molesting them and a huge mob started beating me up for no reason. I have never been beaten so badly in my entire life, and that too for just doing my job.”'

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