Misandry and Child Abuse Flourish Among 'Elites' Who Want Revenge

Article here. Excerpt:

'Have you noticed more and more insults and abusive verbal language being directed towards young boys recently? Paula Bolyard here at PJM has a post on Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, who says he will "behead his young sons if they 'mistreat' a woman":

`He's also adamant that his sons not mistreat women. "And I know that if either of my sons ever misbehaves with a woman, I’d behead him," he said. SRK didn't define what he meant by "misbehaves.'

The actor's views stem from his belief that women are superior to men. "From creating life to taking so much sh*t in your daily life and using it as your strength—the simple act of boarding a local train, being leched at, not getting a job because of your gender—it’s shocking how much a woman has to take every day," he said. "As men, we should all experience what it is like and still stay strong."

"I’d like to be a woman," SRK told Femina. "Physically, I’m not. Mentally and emotionally, I’d like to be one. Sometimes there is a part in me that when I see feminists becoming aggressive, I want to step up in their support. I don’t think women are weak but I’m the kind of guy who would take off my jacket and put it across a puddle for a woman to walk."`

His sons are 16 and 3. Okay, great parenting skills there, "dad." You have a fetish to be a woman now and you're willing to sacrifice your sons' lives to fulfill your thrill, or at least to unleash abusive, threatening language their way in order to get them to "respect women." Yeah, that will work. Teach that 3-year-old that his own father thinks beheading him is somehow justified if he mistreats a woman, whatever that means. There are better ways to show a young boy how to treat people (not just women) in ways that promote equality than threatening to kill him.'

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