Meet Whistle: The App That Lets You Report Sexism Whenever You See It

Article here. Excerpt:

'When it comes to dealing with sexism, women are being more outspoken than ever before. Whether you tweet out a shady experience for all your followers to read or call into the mansplaining hotline to report an incident, now is very much a “see something, say something” sort of era. If you want to know more about where sexism is happening and do your part to raise awareness, there’s a new app you need to DL. Introducing: Whistle.

Whistle is a newly released app for iPhone (and soon Android) users that enables women to anonymously identify and call out sexism over the course of their daily lives — not just at work, but while they are out, exercising, shopping and more.

How it works is super simple: Open up the app on your phone and you’ll be prompted to either “whistle” or see what women have been whistling about most recently or nearby. If you decide to send out a whistle, you first place it in one of six categories: work, public, home, school, online or in the media. From there you’ll select what type of sexism you’re experiencing. Of the 10 choices, you can pick from options like “boys club behavior” and “mansplaining.” After that, you’ll have 200 characters to explain what happened. Then, send it out to the network where other members can view and comment. If you don’t have anything to report but you want to see what sort of sexist acts are happening in your area, you can check out the “nearby” tab to view whistles that have recently been sent out in your area.'

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... making this stuff up. Couldn't if I wanted to.

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I'm speechless. I'm just staring at this page with the most perplexed look on my face, I have no idea what to say about this.

edit: I will mention that if you click on the article and see the example of how the app would look in your phone, it gives an example of discrimination against men. It highlights the unfairness of a teacher making an announcement that he will always let women speak first.

So even though this is sexism against men as well, I can't imagine many men using it.

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There's no way to report female sexism, is there? It's just for women.

Oh, wait. That's right. Only men can be sexist because only men enjoy male privilege.

Women cannot be sexist no matter sexist they are. They're women. Therefore, they're saints.

And all men are sexist even if they're not sexist.

This also reminds a lot of 1984--but instead of Big Brother, we have Big Sister.

As Matt said, you can't make this stuff up.

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