How Did Feminism Get Hijacked by Man-Haters

Article here. Excerpt:

'It seems that feminism has taken a much more intense pendulum swing in a direction that means that I no longer feel comfortable calling myself a feminist. It’s gotten that bad. We have various feminists now calling for “the end of the patriarchy” and some others still are saying in varying states of hysteria: “I hate men!”

Many of us look at these extremes and think it’s only a few who feel this way, but tragically that side of extreme male-hating feminism is on the rise and has been for some time. It is no longer about equal pay, equal opportunity, respect and equal rights. It is now about “women first” and screw the men (not in the good way!)

A video went viral recently featuring a woman, Jenny McDermott, stating “kill all male babies.” I actually feel sorry for her.'

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The man-hating has always been there, but it has gotten worse--as it's become more and more socially acceptable to voice hatred for men.

Even saying something nice about men is verboten. Oh, you can say something nice about a single man--but saying something positive about all men is no longer socially acceptable. It's just not done, like wearing white after Labor Day.

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