Then And Now: The Men's Rights Movement

Article here. Wisconsin Public Radio published an article about an interview with Warren Farrell. They talk a lot about MRAs as "misogynists" etc., but at least Warren is able to give a more reasonable perspective. Excerpt:

'Warren Farrell, a prominent men’s rights activist, is often cited in online forums where men complain about their legal and cultural disempowerment.

Farrell’s 1993 book "The Myth of Male Power" is considered the guiding text for these aggrieved men, a kind of male counterpart to Betty Friedan’s 1963 "The Feminine Mystique."

Parts of the men’s movement are filled with anti-feminist diatribes and denunciations against women seen as manipulative and emasculating. So it may come as a surprise to meet Farrell, a soft-spoken man in his early seventies who once worked closely with Gloria Steinem, a prominent women's rights activist.

Farrell is aware of the misogyny and violent rhetoric that ripples through the men’s rights movement, but he said there’s tremendous pain beneath this anger, pain we must acknowledge to draw out the venom of toxic masculinity from our culture. ​​​​'

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