Sperm theft lawsuit leaves appeals court weighing how much a life is worth

Article here. Excerpt:

'How much is a life worth?

That was the crux of the argument between a Louisiana man and the woman who gave birth to his son in 2010 after taking his sperm without permission from a fertility clinic and being artificially inseminated.
"The (judge) decided, in his opinion, that the law didn't allow those damages, which leaves a gap," said David Bernsen, an attorney for Layne Hardin. "We, as a society, have to decide whether this type of behavior is acceptable in Texas and I don't think it is."
Hardin won a lawsuit in 2015 against his former girlfriend, Tobie Devall, and Texas Andrology, the sperm bank that gave Devall two samples without Hardin's permission.

She gave birth to Hardin's son, then refused to allow any custodial rights with the boy, now 6. The two had a long custody battle in Louisiana, where Hardin lives.'

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