Here are 3 ways Trump can Make College Great Again for young men

Article here. Excerpt:

'During the Obama administration, colleges have become increasingly hostile to young men.

Their free speech is under fire, their access to due process is being whittled away, and they are often forced into curricula that pathologize their masculinity.

Young women are often spared from this administrative overreach, and it may partly explain why they attend college in far greater numbers than men and also drop out less frequently.

President-elect Donald Trump promises to Make America Great Again, which begs the question: Will he Make College Great Again, as well?

Here are three ways young men could have better college experiences under Trump.

1) Recentering the due process rights of the accused
2) Free speech protections
3) Less political indoctrination at universities
The University of North Carolina, Duke University, Dartmouth College, Gettysburg College and Vanderbilt University all have social justice programming of some sort dedicated to purging male students of their toxic masculinity.'

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